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Shoulder Press Movement

MOVEMENT TIP: The Shoulder Press

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Also known as the Strict Press or Overhead Press, and demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher, the Shoulder Press is the starting point of all our overhead work. It is a straightforward movement, that relies primarly on shoulder and tricep strength, rather than skills or timing, but making sure to nail down…
The Double-Under

MOVEMENT TIP: The Double-Under

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Once you’ve perfected all the performance points of the single under, you’re ready to try your hand at the infamous Double-Under, demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher. A double under is a skip where the rope rotates around the body twice for each single jump. A few people somehow manage to get…
Single-Under Movement

MOVEMENT TIP: The Single-Under

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The Single-Under is really just a single skip. If it has been some time since you picked up a skipping rope, then working on getting a good relaxed rythm going with single skips will give you a good base when it comes to tackling the much trickier double under, which we will look at next…
The Abmat Situp

MOVEMENT TIP: The Abmat Situp

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The ABMAT situp, demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher is a great little core exercise. As with most core exercises, where the back muscles typically have to compensate for lack of core activation, it is important to protect your spine and the mat provides a cushion in the neutral curve of your…